Iceland’s fis­hing crews call a strike as of Nov­em­ber 10th

Reykjavik, 17th October 2016

Press announcement from Fisheries Iceland - Iceland’s fishing crews call a strike as of 10th November

In a secret ballot Iceland's fishing crews have decided to call a strike as of the 10th of November.

Fisheries Iceland, the organization representing Icelandic fishing companies, consider the result a disappointment. “It is the responsibility of all parties to make every effort to agree on a collective agreement before the strike begins,” Heidrun Lind Marteinsdottir, CEO of Fisheries Iceland, said to Icelandic media on the 17th of October.

Collective agreements negotiated by the parties in June 2016 were rejected in a secret ballot. Since then the parties have tried to negotiate on different terms, but without a result. As a consequence, the unions have called the aforementioned strike.

“It is now particularly important that representatives from both the unions and the industry use their best efforts and yet again try to reach an agreement. If negotiations result in an agreement before the 10th of November, the strike will be called off. A strike should be seen as a last resort, as it would not only cause damage to all parties involved, but also to the Icelandic economy.”

For further information, please contact Heidrun Lind Marteinsdottir, CEO of Fisheries Iceland, via e-mail,

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