The Federation of Icelandic Fishing Vessel Owners (LIU) was founded on January 17th 1939.  The founders purpose was to represent all Icelandic fishing vessel owners in one unified organisation in order to safeguard their mutual interests. The former federation put much emphasis on assisting its members in operating under the rules of the Icelandic ITQ system, along with taking great caution to marine technology, fisheries biology and environmental issues. 

The Federation of Icelandic Fish Processing Plants was founded on February 13th 1975 for the purpose of:

  • To merge into one federation all companies in Iceland engaged in the production and/or selling marine products and safeguard their interests.
  • To increase employees' skills through education, better product quality and higher productivity and encourage collaboration among members in these matters.

Secure members' interests concerning trade, treaties, and relations with other countries or groups of countries.

  • Promote a dialogue aimed at securing competitive working conditions and labour peace in the fish industry in Iceland in collaboration with SA (The Confederation of Icelandic Employers).

Members came from all branches of the Icelandic seafood sector as producers of fresh, quick frozen, salted and dried seafood, coldwater prawns and other shellfish, fishmeal and -oil, sales and marketing companies for seafood products.

Further information about Icelandic seafood products, processing methods, quality, research, traceability etc, is available on Information Center of the Icelandic Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture www.fisheries.is/products

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